Location of REE occurrences and deposits in Europe

This map shows all the individual examples of REE mineralisation in Europe that were identified by the EURARE project. Zoom in on the map and click on the individual points to identify them. An indication of the scale of the deposit is given on the basis of the following definitions:

  1. Resource: REE mineralisation that has a formal resource estimate which is compliant with JORC or a similar code
  2. Deposit: REE mineralisation for which the available evidence suggests that an economic resource could be identified with further exploration
  3. Occurrence: REE mineralisation that appears to be localised and is not considered to be of economic interest on the basis of current evidence
  4. By-product: REE mineralisation that may be economic as a by-product of extraction of other minerals.

These classifications may be subject to change as new evidence is gathered.


Red icon: alkaline igneous rocks

Blue icon: carbonatite

Green icon: vein and skarn (hydrothermal)

Purple icon: iron oxide-apatite

Yellow icon: granite and pegmatite

Orange icon: bauxite

Brown icon: placer

aqua icon: other